Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holland and Other Matters

I had an email today from holland.com, letting me know all the specials and deals on offer for trips to The Netherlands.  I love Holland - most especially because it was the homeland of Vincent Van Gogh, but also because it's a cool country with colorful architecture, scenic canals, the hippie scene of Amsterdam and a decidedly liberal bent (perhaps too liberal sometimes).  Not to mention the tulips and the Indonesian food...

I've been to Holland quite a few times (in better days) for business and pleasure and always enjoyed it.  The Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum should be on the "Must See" list of anyone who loves art.  Don't know when I'll be back there again, but in the meantime, I can enjoy the country vicariously --

One of the deals on offer on the website was quite alluring, I thought, since it offers the following:

Fashion & Luxury Arrangement with Gassan Diamonds
Gassan Diamonds has put together a unique “Fashion & Luxury Package,” consisting of a night at The College Hotel and a visit to the historical diamond cutting shop.
The College Hotel is housed in a 19th century building at walking distance from PC Hooftstraat, the most exclusive shopping street in Amsterdam. After a welcome drink at the hotel, you will be picked up for a tour of Gassan Diamonds. A personal shopper will show you the latest trends in terms of jewellery and watches. After the diamond tour you spend a night in the trendy hotel, including breakfast. The arrangement is available in the July-August period only. Price: € 250 for 2 persons. (approx. $300 at rate of 1.20).
For more information and booking options, please visit http://www.gassandiamonds.nl/en/diamond-experience/packages/fashion-luxury-arrangement.html 

This seems like fun!  Not only is it wonderful to think that I might have the funds to take a diamond buying trip to Amsterdam, but also that I'd be shown around by a personal shopper.  That's wonderful.  While I can't afford a little jaunt like this right now, I tell you what....the photos of the hotel certainly make me want to stay there.  I'm keeping this place in my mental file of places to go someday.  Enjoy the photos...

On to other subjects -- 

What worries me now:  Wall Street, unemployment, Russian spies (!), the oil spill, keeping my business going, the state of my health, my daughter and her husband going to work - again - in the danger zones of the Middle East...most of these are big, personal worries.  One of the ways I cope is to read, read, read.  That's how I came across the story above.  Everyone has coping strategies - the trick is to keep them healthy, or at least legal.

Good luck to all of us as we cope with difficult times.  Personally, I think we've reached bottom and are -
S L O W L Y - finding our way back up.  It'll take a few years, but we'll get there.


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