Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seinfeldian Thoughts

I'm feeling a little "Seinfeldian" today....

Did you ever wonder why men's fashion shows are as bizarre as the women's shows?  I don't think I'd noticed until this season how crazy the trend had gone to making male models look ridiculous.  Although, I guess this is simply egalitarian treatment:  male or female, the models have to look artificial.  I prefer my fashion with equal dollops of fantasy, fun, excitement, sensuality, and creativity, but no "crazy."

Ever wonder what you'd do if they ever invented a time machine?  Would you travel back in time to see what your recent ancestors were up to, or would you go further afield and hang around with Abe Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Edgar Allan Poe  - or Cleopatra, Michelangelo and Mozart, for that matter?  

As a lover of history, I know what I'd like to do:  go back and see the European capitals in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Though I don't know if I could take the stench.  I'd love to see the great cathedrals newly built.  I'd be fascinated by what the people wore, what they ate, how they lived.  I'd like to look over Christopher Columbus's shoulder and put a bug in his ear about treating the people he found on Hispaniola better....Although time travel or not, I don't believe we could change history:  Columbus would not accept my 21st century ideas about "natives" any more than I can accept 15th century European thinking of what constitutes a human being vs an animal.

I've been watching programs on TV lately were scientists talk about the possibility of time travel: they think it might be possible, but not in our lifetime...actually many generations from now.  The particulars of it are confusing to me, but the general consensus is that it is possible, only with a technology far more advanced than ours.  Probably just as well that we won't see the day; I don't think we could handle it.  

Roger, my significant other, has been wondering if anyone has had sex in space yet.  After all, both male and female astronauts travel to the space stations.  I confess I had never thought of this one:  In my mind they're in very confined spaces up there, and frankly despite "Alien"-type movies, I can't really imagine what it looks like....That's why I love him, 'cause he's a thinker.

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