Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Ode to Throw Pillows

What’s not to love about throw pillows?  Aside from changing the color of your walls, there’s no easier way to change the look of your living or bedroom, than by changing the decorative pillows you display.

Some might think that simply pilling them on is enough to show you know a thing or two about décor, color and style, but there’s more to it than that.  A mish-mosh of pillows might have a bohemian flair, but a little thought can make your sofa or bed look smashing. 

Love graphic, bold design?  Use pillows to add the accent to an otherwise simple living room.  Think black-and-white prints, large graphics, and contrasting colors.

Want to bring the colors of the outdoors in?  Select pillows with prints of colorful flora and add a vase of flowers to your coffee or side table.

Lovers of travel and exotic locales can add a couple of throws made of Indian or Moroccan prints for a touch of excitement.  But, unless you truly want your décor to completely reflect a foreign locale (or a bazaar), be careful not to add too many of these touches. 

Francophiles have it easy.  There are several ways to add touches of France:  for whimsy and the look of vintage fabrics, bring in a stack of throw pillows made from French flour sacks.  Add a pillow with “le coq français” (the French rooster, symbol of France).   Decorate your sofa with pillows made of toile de jouy fabric if you crave classic elegance. 

Want the drama of a monochromatic or two-color scheme?  Dress your bed in white linens and cover your windows with white curtains.  Then, consider blue and green.  Add throws in both colors.  The look is lush, tropical and airy.

Love red – and who doesn’t?  Think of its potential for dramatic effect in a living room that has mostly white, black, blue or even brown elements.   Solid red or more effectively, prints in various shades of red, stoke the fires. 

Show your wild side by employing touches of frankly-bold prints: Daliesque craziness, Picasso-like prints, Cocteau’s colors and sensuous lines – can all showcase your artistic, bohemian flair.

Of course, throw pillows do not a living room or bedroom make.  They should be coordinated with the pictures on your walls, the items you display, your curtains, and the overall style of your room.  My recommendation:  Apart from being beautiful, your pillows should also allow you to lay back and relax.  There’s no need to get pillows so laden with decorative elements that they’re too stiff, too formal, or to uncomfortable. You want to enjoy your environment, not just admire it.

‘Til next time. 


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