Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Real Estate Dreams

I love reading The New York Times.  It's the paper I read every day no matter what.  I think most ex-New Yorkers do the same.  No matter where we are, this is the "paper of record" for us.  It's magic has never waned for me.

One of the features I really enjoy is the Real Estate section where an out-of-the-US  property is featured every week.  You never know where this will take you: Hungary, Scotland, Costa Rica, France, Turkey.  A property that's for sale is featured, with details and price.  You get to dream about living there and about what you'd do the place if it were yours.  You're given the history of the place, and info on who to contact if you're a potential buyer.

Over the years, I've seen many homes that I would have loved to tour with a view to buying.  This kind of thing speaks to the inveterate traveler, the adventurous person, or simply the crazies among us who like to fantasize about alternate lives.  In another life, I would like to have been a real estate agent (and in another economic climate, too).  The thrill of seeing all those gorgeous homes, of staging them for sale, of sharing the joy with someone who's just purchased the home of their dreams.

Don't tell me about the heartache real estate agents go through - this is my fantasy and I don't like reality intruding on it.

The other feature for people of an international bent such as myself, is the one that reports on an individual or family who lives overseas in a place that they've personalized.  These places are often luxurious, sprawling homes in exotic locales.  I enjoy the vicarious thrill I get from looking at the pictures - which are never enough - as far as I'm concerned.  What a thrill to be featured in one of these articles!  It's the ultimate compliment for your real estate acumen, your decorating skills, and your taste.

Of course, to get my fix of international real estate dreams I am also a heavy watcher of cable shows on HGTV and other networks that feature people buying apartments in the far-flung cities to which they've been transfered, or buying their vacation homes in the south of France or Spain.  These are fun because I seldom agree with the place the people on the show have bought.

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