Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Tunic: A Glamorous Option

I love tunic tops.  Always have, always will.  As a matter of fact, I co-founded a company to design such tops for women who are like-minded.  Seems to me that you can wear a tunic for almost any occasion, over almost any pair of pants or skirt, and dressed up or down.

In the daytime, few items are as chic as a flowing, easy-to-wear tunic.  In the evening, when glamor is the name of the game, a tunic can make you the standout in a room.  Over a swimsuit, a tunic top glamorizes your look and shows you know how to cover up at lunch pool-side.

To illustrate, let me show you what I mean.  I've illustrated this post with photos from our own, Mediterraneo tunics, as well as those of other designers.

From the variety of fabrics, designs, cuts and prints available, it's easy to formulate a wardrobe of tops that complements what you already own.

You can wear tunics three seasons of the year:

In spring, wear a cotton or linen tunic over jeans, and layer with a generously-proportioned scarf around the neck.  Leggings and loafers (perhaps with a buckle) complete this easy look.  Carry a colorful bag.  You can run around town all day in this and still look chic at dinner with friends.  Bright colors bring you out of the winter doldrums and put you in the mood to play.

For summer, accessorize your chiffon or cotton tunic with great costume jewelry, a big hat and big sunglasses.  Your bottom half might be a pair of white pants (indispensable) and thong sandals.  Think white-on-white for its refreshing quality and for its chic appeal.  Very Jackie O...

Autumn styles call for fabrics with more coverage and richer colors and textures.  Your tunic might be in a crepe or raw silk.  You can cover it with a ruana or shawl.  Pants can be tweed, lightweight wool, or jeans. A pants boot completes the look.  Think Jean Shrimpton in the late '60s.

Enjoy the photos.

'Til next time.

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