Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Language of Flowers

I learned to arrange flowers when I lived in France.  Not that I took a course, or anything…But I was so captivated by the lovely and unusual arrangements in every Parisian flower  shop, that I began to pay close attention.  

The fleuristes in Paris were quite different from the ones back in New York.  The difference, to me, was that in Paris even the most humble flower shop had creative arrangements, unusual flowers, and a chic quotient sorely lacking back home in all but the most expensive florist shops. 

At first, I’d simply purchase ready-made arrangements or choose flowers and have the florist arrange them for me.  Then I began to do my own.  It’s one of life’s pleasures to enjoy flowers that you’ve chosen and arranged yourself.  

Most of the French people I met decorated their homes with fresh flowers.  I had previously only thought of flowers at home for special occasions.  Now I enjoyed them every week. 

Although economic considerations get in the way of buying flowers weekly, I urge you to give yourself the gift of color, nature, and freshness whenever you have the chance.  Some might consider it a frivolous expense; I don’t.  

It little matters whether you arrange your flowers with the dexterity of an artist, or simply, without artifice.  Whether you buy a mass of different flowers, or a single, perfect bloom.  Or, whether your flowers are cosmopolitan or “country.” 

My personal favorites?  Peonies and tulips - but all flowers have the power to make us smile

'Til next time.

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